Introduction to Differential Equations (MAY514)

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School of Science

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Department of Mathematics

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Semester 5
Course Title

Introduction to Differential Equations

Independent Teaching Activities

Lectures (Weekly Teaching Hours: 5, Credits: 7.5)

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General Background

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Is the Course Offered to Erasmus Students


Course Website (URL) See eCourse, the Learning Management System maintained by the University of Ioannina.

Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes

The course is the introductory course to ordinary differential equations and aims to a general introductory description of the area of ordinary differential equations. It is expected that the students take basic knowledge on:

  • How to solve linear ordinary differential equations of first order and some equations of special types.
  • Existence and uniqueness of solutions to ordinary differential equations
  • General theory of linear o.d.e.
  • How to solve linear equations and systems with constant coefficients.
  • How to solve linear o.d.e. of second order by the use of power series.
  • Use of Laplace transformations to solve o.d.e..
  • How to solve first order linear partial differential equations.
General Competences
  • Working independently
  • Production of free, creative and inductive thinking
  • Analytic and synthetic thinking


Introduction to differential equations and initial value problems. O.d.e.’s of some special types (Bernoulli, Riccati, Clairaut, Lagrange). Equations with separated variables. Exact equations. Integral factors. Second order equations reduced to first order equations. Existence and uniqueness theorems. General theory of linear o.d.e.’s. Linear equations and systems with constant coefficients. Power series solutions for second order d.e.’s. Partial differential equations: solutions to first order equations, classification of linear equations of second order. Applications of d.e.’s to problems arising in various areas of science and technology.

Teaching and Learning Methods - Evaluation


Face-to-face (Lectures)

Use of Information and Communications Technology

The platform “e-course” of the University of Ioannina

Teaching Methods
Activity Semester Workload
Lectures 45
Assignments/Tests 52.5
Individual study 90
Course total 187.5
Student Performance Evaluation

Written Final Examination (Theory and Exercises) 100%

Attached Bibliography

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