Theory of Probability and Statistics (MAE531)

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Department of Mathematics

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Theory of Probability and Statistics

Independent Teaching Activities

Lectures (Weekly Teaching Hours: 3, Credits: 6)

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Is the Course Offered to Erasmus Students

Yes (in English, reading Course)

Course Website (URL) See eCourse, the Learning Management System maintained by the University of Ioannina.

Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes

Extension and generalization of concepts taught in MAF331 and MAF43# Creation of a suitable base for deepening the scope of Statistical Science. At the end of the course the student should be able to:

  1. Model procedures and situations that occur in everyday reality or in other scientific areas in the Theory of Probability.
  2. Understand the basic limit theorems of Probability Theory (laws of large numbers, central limit theorem) and use them for approximating probability calculations.
  3. Find the distribution of a function of random variables.
  4. Make basic calculations of probability, averages, dispersions, etc., in problems involving randomness with more than one random variable.
General Competences
  • Working independently
  • Decision-making
  • Production of free, creative and inductive thinking
  • Criticism and self-criticism


Random vectors-Multivariate distribution function-Joint probability- Joint probability density function. Marginal distributions. Conditional distributions. Special bivariate and multivariate distributions (multinomial, bivariate and multivariate normal etc). Expectation, Variance-Covariance matrix. Moments and Moment generating function of random vector. Distribution of a function of random variables. Order Statistics. Convergence of random variables. Sampling distributions.

Teaching and Learning Methods - Evaluation


Classroom (face-to-face)

Use of Information and Communications Technology -
Teaching Methods
Activity Semester Workload
Lectures 39
Working independently 78
Exercises-Homeworks 33
Course total 150
Student Performance Evaluation

Final written exam in Greek (in case of Erasmus students in English).

Attached Bibliography

See the official Eudoxus site or the local repository of Eudoxus lists per academic year, which is maintained by the Department of Mathematics. Books and other resources, not provided by Eudoxus:

  • Mood, A. M., Graybill, F. A. and Boes, D. C. (1974). Introduction to the Theory of Statistics. 3d ed. ISBN-13 978007085465# McGraw-Hill. New York.