Undergraduate Courses Outlines

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This list contains all the courses included in the Programme of Undergraduate Studies, organized in two sub-lists depending on whether they are Obligatory or Selective. See the current Students Guide to find out which ones are offered during the current academic year. See here all the undergraduate courses, included in a unified list, regardless of whether they are Obligatory or Selective.

Compulsory Courses

  1. Infinitesimal Calculus I (MAY111)
  2. Fundamental Concepts of Mathematics (MAY112)
  3. Linear Algebra I (MAY121)
  4. Number Theory (MAY123)
  5. Infinitesimal Calculus II (MAY211)
  6. Linear Algebra II (MAY221)
  7. Analytic Geometry (MAY223)
  8. Introduction to Computer Science (MAY242)
  9. Infinitesimal Calculus III (MAY311)
  10. Introduction to Probability (MAY331)
  11. Introduction to Numerical Analysis (MAY341)
  12. Introduction to Programming (MAY343)
  13. Infinitesimal Calculus IV (MAY411)
  14. Metric Spaces and their Topology (MAY413)
  15. Algebraic Structures I (MAY422)
  16. Introduction to Statistics (MAY431)
  17. Introduction to Differential Equations (MAY514)
  18. Elementary Differential Geometry (MAY522)
  19. Complex Functions I (MAY611)
  20. Classical Mechanics (MAY648)

Elective Courses

  1. History of Mathematics (MAE501)
  2. Teaching of Mathematics (MAE503) (also MAE602)
  3. Elements of General Topology (MAE513)
  4. Group Theory (MAE525)
  5. Groebner Bases (MAE526)
  6. Geometry of Transformations (MAE527)
  7. Theory of Probability and Statistics (MAE531)
  8. Stochastic Processes (MAE532)
  9. Introduction to Computational Complexity (MAE542)
  10. Applied Tensor Analysis (MAE543)
  11. Logic Programming (MAE544)
  12. Biomathematics (MAE546A)
  13. Design and Analysis of Algorithms (MAE581)
  14. Approximation Theory (MAE585)
  15. Integral Equations (MAE613)
  16. Topics in Real Analysis (MAE615)
  17. Measure Theory (MAE616)
  18. Real Analysis (MAE617)
  19. Differentiable Manifolds (MAE622)
  20. Elementary Global Differential Geometry (MAE624)
  21. Algebraic Curves (MAE627)
  22. Rings, Modules and Applications (MAE628)
  23. Linear Programming (MAE631K)
  24. Statistical Inference (MAE633)
  25. Queueing Theory (MAE634)
  26. Numerical Analysis (MAE642)
  27. Introduction to Symbolic Mathematics (MAE644)
  28. Techniques of Mathematical Modelling (MAE646)
  29. Object Oriented Programming (MAE647)
  30. ICT in Education (MAE649)
  31. Data Structures (MAE681)
  32. Numerical Linear Algebra (MAE685)
  33. Partial Differential Equations (MAE713)
  34. Set Theory (MAE714)
  35. Measure Theoretic Probability (MAE717)
  36. Harmonic Analysis (MAE718)
  37. Special Topics in Algebra (MAE723)
  38. Algebraic Structures II (MAE724)
  39. Ring Theory (MAE725)
  40. Euclidean and Non Euclidean Geometries (MAE727)
  41. Differentiable Manifolds (MAE728)
  42. Decision Theory - Bayesian Theory (MAE731A)
  43. Topics in Operations Research (MAE732A)
  44. Regression and Analysis of Variance (MAE733)
  45. Database Systems and Web Applications Development (MAE741)
  46. Introduction to Computational Mathematics (MAE742A)
  47. Introduction to Mathematical Physics (MAE743)
  48. Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations (MAE744)
  49. Theory of Computation (MAE745)
  50. Graph Theory (MAE746)
  51. Linear and Nonlinear Waves (MAE747)
  52. Efficient Algorithms (MAE748)
  53. Differential Equations I (MAE751)
  54. Topics in Real Functions (MAE752)
  55. Convex Analysis (MAE753)
  56. Astronomy (MAE801)
  57. Meteorology (MAE802)
  58. Difference Equations - Discrete Models (MAE816)
  59. Introduction to Stochastic Analysis (MAE818)
  60. Differential Equations II (MAE819)
  61. Special Topics in Geometry (MAE822)
  62. Riemannian Geometry (MAE825)
  63. Topological Matrix Groups (MAE826)
  64. Statistical Data Analysis (MAE832)
  65. Inventory Control and Production Planning (MAE833)
  66. Non Parametric Statistics - Categorical Data Analysis (MAE835)
  67. Computational Statistics (MAE836)
  68. Special Topics in Statistics (MAE837)
  69. Parallel Algorithms and Systems (MAE840)
  70. Special Topics in Computer Science (MAE841)
  71. Special Topics in Numerical Analysis (MAE842)
  72. Special Topics in Applied Mathematics (MAE843)
  73. Algorithm Engineering (MAE844)
  74. Introduction to Natural Languages Processing (MAE845)
  75. Introduction to Expert Systems (MAE846)
  76. Fluid Mechanics (MAE847)
  77. Scientific Computing (MAE848A)
  78. Calculus of Variations (MAE849)
  79. Functional Analysis I (MAE851)
  80. Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations (MAE881)
  81. Preparation of Diploma Thesis (MAE900)