Call for Applications for Postgraduate Students (2023-2024)

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The Department of Mathematics at the University of Ioannina, Greece, welcomes applications for its Postgraduate Program (P.P.) for the academic year 2023-2024. This postgraduate course leads to an M.Sc. in the following areas of specialization:

  • Α: Mathematics (Analysis - Algebra - Geometry).
  • Β: Statistics and Operational Research.
  • C: Applied Mathematics and Informatics.

The main entry requirement to the course is a bachelor's degree in mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics, operational research or a mathematically related discipline from a Greek university, or an equivalent foreign university qualification in a mathematical subject issued by a foreign institution recognized by the Hellenic National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC, ΔΟΑΤΑΠ). The ones who already hold a bachelor's degree in one of the aforementioned specializations are excluded from consideration for admittance.

Undergraduate students, who will not have graduated by the application deadline but are expected to qualify for graduation at the end of the repeat examinations period of September 2023, are welcome to apply if they submit a proof of completion of their studies by Monday, 16 October 2023.

Those who are interested should send an e-mail to the Secretariat of the Department of Mathematics (, not later than Friday, July 21, 2023, with the following documents attached:

  1. A completed application form, for only one of the aforementioned specializations.
  2. A detailed curriculum vitae.
  3. A copy of the undergraduate academic degree or confirmation of completion of studies.
  4. A copy of the applicant's official university grades transcript.
  5. Copies of research publications, if any.
  6. Proof of professional or research activity, if any.
  7. Copy of official ID document (front and back) or passport.
  8. Proof of English language proficiency recognised by the Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection (ASEP); minimum level B2. In case English language proficiency does not meet this requirement, an English language test offered by the selection committee is required and will be administered. (see Note 1)
  9. Non-Greek applicants: Proof of Greek language proficiency recognised by ASEP (minimum level B2), if any. (see Note 2)

Furthermore, candidates should submit (at least two) academic reference letters as follows: The candidates are asked to write in the submitting message the e-mail addresses and affiliation of each one of the academic persons willing to send the reference letters. The Secretary of the P.P. will then contact these persons giving them instructions on how the letters should be uploaded.

All candidates will be asked to participate in an interview at the Department’s building in early September 2023. The Secretary of the P.P. will contact each candidate about the exact time of their interview.

Those who do not fulfill the enrollment requirements as described in the Regulations of the P.P., will undergo written examinations which will be held at the Department’s building during the first ten days of September 2023, according to the Regulations of the P.P.. Announce of the exact examination program will be posted at the official Department’s site in due time.

To complete their registration, all successful applicants will need to submit to the Mathematics Department Secretariat certified hard copies of their diplomas and transcripts by Friday, 29 September 2023 (hand in, or, post).

For the academic year 2023-2024:

  • there is a choice between full-time and part-time participation in Specialization A'.

Lecture attendance is compulsory. Fall semester courses begin on Monday, 2 October 2023.


  1. Participants who do not hold a certified English language diploma, will be required to participate in written exams, held by the Department, in order to verify their ability to translate English mathematical text to Greek.
  2. Non-Greek participants who do not hold a certified Greek language diploma, will be required to participate in written exams, held by the Department, in order to verify their ability to translate Greek mathematical text to English.

The date for those exams will be held in the first 10 days of September, 2023. The exact dates will be announced, in time, by the Department.