Database Systems and Web Applications Development (MAE741)

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Department of Mathematics

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Database Systems and Web applications development

Independent Teaching Activities

Lectures-Laboratory (Weekly Teaching Hours: 3, Credits: 6)

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Is the Course Offered to Erasmus Students


Course Website (URL) See eCourse, the Learning Management System maintained by the University of Ioannina.

Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes

Students knowledge acquisition of design, implementation procedures and methodologies using Relational DataBase Management Systems (RDBMS), as well as familiarity with the development of Internet programming applications using PHP, JavaScript, jQuery and AngularJS.
Basic Internet programming concepts HTML, CSS, Database relationships, tables and structure. Concepts and architecture of Database Systems, Relational model, Internet programming languages ​​and Tier System architecture. Data Modelling using the relational SQL Database Language MariaDB, SQL Queries, Normalization, Normal forms, Non relational Databases - MongoDB. Databases on the Internet using programming languages, PHP programming language, using PHP for mathematical problems, using MySQLi Api, Bootstrap, Introduction to JavaScript, AJAX, JSON and jQuery.

General Competences
  • Data search, analysis and synthesis using Information Technologies
  • Decision making
  • Project design and implementation
  • Working independently


  1. Data models with emphasis on relational model. Introduction to relational algebra and relational calculus. Conceptual Models: Entity-Associations Model. Theory of dependencies. Form normalization (1NF, 2NF, 3NF, BCNF). Database design. Introduction to Database Management Systems.
  2. SQL language with practical application using MariaDB. Create tables, modify fields, add records to a table, Database tables management.
  3. Create basic SQL queries in MariaDB tables.
  4. SQL joins, SQL table associations-relations, foreign keys, stored procedures, triggers.
  5. Introduction to the web and its capabilities. Web page development. Basic HTML content formatting commands, Add images, create tables, lists and frames, HTML layers, divs HTML 5 additional commands.
  6. HTML and content formatting using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Advanced ways of responsive formatting using the Bootstrap library.
  7. Introduction to JavaScript, ways to import JavaScript into HTML, JavaScript DOM, functions and classes.
  8. Introduction to PHP, basic language capabilities, input output, data types, conditions, repetitive loops.
  9. Create forms in HTML and retrieve form information using PHP and JavaScript (AJAX), using GET, POST methods.
  10. Use of PHP and MySQL, presentation of PHP input functions and retrieval of information from DB tables. (mysqli-PDO api). Creating dynamic web pages.
  11. Mathematical extensions of PHP, PHP and data processing from DB to solve linear equation problems, presentation of the PHP-LAPACK class.
  12. Mathematical extensions of PHP, PHP and statistical data processing from DB, presentation of PHP statistical functions.
  13. Asynchronous communication with DB, PHP and AJAX, using the jQuery library and JSON configuration. Presentation and use of AngularJS and NodeJS frameworks.

Teaching and Learning Methods - Evaluation



Use of Information and Communications Technology Use of Micro-computers Laboratory
Teaching Methods
Activity Semester Workload
Lectures 39
Working Independently 78
Exercises-Homework 33
Course total 150
Student Performance Evaluation
  • Using new ICT and metrics of the asynchronous e-learning platform (5%)
  • Examination of laboratory exercises (10%)
  • Semester work and written examination

Attached Bibliography

See the official Eudoxus site or the local repository of Eudoxus lists per academic year, which is maintained by the Department of Mathematics. Books and other resources, not provided by Eudoxus:

  • PHP 6 AND MYSQL 5 FOR DYNAMIC WEB SITES, 5 Edition, LARRY ULLMAN, ISBN-13: 978-0134301846, 2018.
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